Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ruiz Re-Introduced to LA Media

Despite delays and a canceled flight, forward Carlos Ruiz was officially re-introduced to the Los Angeles media at The Home Depot Center. About 35 members of the media welcomed Ruiz back to Los Angeles with plenty of questions about his return and his many new teammates. Only one active player remains on the Galaxy roster from his last stint with the club from 2002-2005. Can you name that player?

...Midfielder Peter Vagenas. Meanwhile, two former teammates stayed on with the team in Alexi Lalas and Cobi Jones. Ruiz is especially looking forward to working with Jones in his new role.


charlesj27 said...

I'm happy that LA Galaxy was able to sign on a goal-scorer that's not only a good scorer/striker with decent "shot-toward/in-net" stats... but, also has had prior tenure at this great soccer club. I am not doubting that when both Landon & Carlos combine the chances of scoring goals are greater... but, getting the ball consistently to their near-foot range repetitively within games is the real challenge... And, yes - our LA Galaxy does have Beckham... however, the amount of time that Beckham will hold & have the ball will not be that often (NOTE: I'm sure everyone who's closely watched the Player movements and SuperDraft have seen that MANY of the other MLS teams are significantly "beefing up" their defense). This is why our LA Galaxy MUST - it's gotta have those three or four extra ball-winning, game-making players!

It takes strengths, tactics, speed, determination, posession, and practiced-smooth plays to get the ball into the near-foot range of our strikers. I am sincerely hoping that Ruud, Cobi, Trevor, and Paul are going to train, teach, drill, and test our LA Galaxy players a LOT before the MLS 2008 season starts... because, the other MLS teams are anxiously waiting to take a crack at us and "rip us to shreds". Our LA Galaxy team must be exceptionally practiced, strong, and quick.

Love this beautiful game - PLAY HARD!

Anonymous said...

Damn it, Vagenas is still on the team?!

Anonymous said...

they will probably trade him like they did with so many other guys on the team. The galaxy isnt american anymore they are european with 2 new european players and more to probably come so byebye old la galaxy which i liked better when they dont trade their players every chance they get and actually play good

Neanderthal said...

Welcome home Carlos, we missed you!