Monday, January 7, 2008

Cronin Officially Joins U.S. National Team Camp

Galaxy goalkeeper Steve Cronin officially joined the U.S. National Team in camp today as he replaced Matt Pickens, who was given permission to leave, in Bob Bradley's 26-man squad. Cronin, who had been training with the U.S. squad prior to Brad Guzan's arrival on Sunday, will now remain in training in the lead-up to the friendly against Sweden on January 19 here at The Home Depot Center.

After starring with the U.S. Under-20 National Team earlier in his career, this is Steve's first call-up to the full National Team.

Congratulations Steve!


charlesj27 said...

Wanted to wish Steve Cronin best of luck & fortitude. Congratulations on making the US-MNT team! There's going to be immense pressure, I'm sure on Steve to pick up his game to a high level of expectation. But, this is something that Steve can handle, I'm sure. Don't lose your cool - keep hour eyes wide-peeled. Hands & Feet flailing - that should let you stop the obviosu ones... Get to know your defensive backs very well. We all await your presence & play at the Home Depot Center!

charlesj27 said...

This ones for the whole US-MNT... I know Bob is making you guys sweat and ache... it's only because you guys got less than 2 weeks to play against Sweden... I know you guys will give them a tough competitive game... Don't falter - Don't be lax... Keep the formation on the pitch tight & reactive... If Sweden gets a glimpse of weak formation - they will break fast to get the lead... The Defensive backs & Goal-Keeper(s) are the wall... Work together... Work with fluidity, formation, and direction... Just keep one objective in mind... play your glorious best for showing the rest of us watching what excellent soccer athletes you all are. Keep practicing, conditioning, and preparing (especially mentally). All you guys together make a superb WINNING TEAM!