Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ruud Reels in a Fish

Carlos Ruiz is once again a member of the Galaxy. The club pulled off the deal this morning, sending allocation money and a second round pick next year to re-acquire Fish, who scored 50 goasl in his first stint in LA.

Here is the text of the full press release or head to lagalaxy.com to check out this story and more...

Galaxy Trade Allocation Money and a Second Round Pick in the
2009 MLS SuperDraft to Acquire Guatemalan International

CARSON, Calif. (Tuesday, January 15, 2008) – The LA Galaxy today acquired forward Carlos Ruiz from FC Dallas in exchange for allocation money and a second round pick in the 2009 MLS SuperDraft. Ruiz, who began his MLS career with the Galaxy, helped lead the club to their first-ever MLS Cup title in 2002. He is the eighth leading scorer in MLS history with 81 career goals in 140 regular season games and has scored more than 100 goals in all competitions since arriving in MLS in February 2002.

“We are very pleased to be bringing a proven goal scorer and veteran leader in Carlos Ruiz back to Los Angeles,” said LA Galaxy Director of Soccer Paul Bravo. “Carlos is an experienced forward who has averaged better than a goal every two games during his MLS career and we believe that he will be a tremendous asset to our attack.”

Ruiz, who is commonly referred to by his nickname “Pescado” or “Fish”, has played six years in MLS, scoring 81 goals in 140 games while adding an MLS record 16 postseason goals in 17 games. The 28-year old striker burst onto the American sporting scene in 2002 when he scored a league-best 24 goals in 26 games on the way to being named the Honda MLS MVP. Ruiz would go on to lead the Galaxy in scoring each of the next two seasons, scoring 15 goals, tied for the most in MLS, in 2003 and tallying 11 times in 2004.

Ruiz spent the last three seasons with FC Dallas after being traded from LA prior to the start of the 2005 campaign. He scored 31 goals in 68 games with FCD, serving as the club’s captain in 2007, while adding another five goals in six postseason matches.

“It means a lot to play for the Galaxy again because I feel like I am going back home and I am very excited about that,” Ruiz said. “I have a big responsibility now because the Galaxy’s goal is to win every game, so I want to play hard and score as many goals as possible and win the MLS Cup again.”

A native of Guatemala City, Guatemala, Ruiz is a member of the Guatemalan National Team with who he has appeared 72 times. Often serving as the captain of his national team, Ruiz has scored 35 goals for Guatemala, leaving him tied with Juan Carlos Plata for the most goals ever for the Chapins.

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Anonymous said...

Good - Very good. I like this change a lot.

Smart move

Anonymous said...

Bring back all the oldies and the goodies and we'll rock again.

Anonymous said...

Bad move. I was really thinking we were done with signing diving players.

I can tell you now by the 10th game Becks is going to be pretty mad about seeing a player fall to the ground crying when no one touched him.

Anonymous said...

Total BS! I hate this move. Ruiz has a terrible attitude and an even worse work ethic. I can't believe I'm going to have to watch him flop all over HDC this season. He's such a joke.

I hope that he proves me wrong, but honestly, I don't see this one working out.

UCSB_Gaucho08 said...

The prodigal son could stay in Dallas, we do not need another has-been, has Lalas not learned anything from Pavon. I'm hoping they trade him before the All-Star break, since he his probably not gonna pay off.

But look at the bright side, he is going to dive as much as Cannon did.

Anonymous said...

For the last comment i hope u could eat ur words!!!!!! Don't judge a person if u don't know him!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for the Dutch approach to soccer, we want younger, hungrier, dynamic players with good work ethic and love for the sport.

Ruiz? I am not sure

Galaxy, PLEASE! stop signing old and out of shape players like Pavon, Javier, Ruiz, Pando, etc.. but if you insist, find quality like Andreas Herzog

Ruud; W want you to bring to LA the kind of soccer you practiced.

Anonymous said...

Terrible move.. I don't think this clown will help the G's cause... we need players that look for Beck's passes, not one that spends half of the game on the grass crying.

Donofan said...

Ruiz reminds me of my 7 year old. He acts like a jerk, makes the most ridiculous fouls but when he is fouled he cries and stomps around like a .... yep just like a 7 year old.

I just don't want to cheer for a jerk and I always cheer for the Galaxy. I think that a healthy Galaxy team can dominate the MLS without this yahoo.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that he has been and will be one of the best players the Galaxy has ever had. Ruiz won us a champinship with his lethal offense. those that dont see his capabilities obviously dont know squat about football! These fools out there probably think that Victorine, Gordon, Kirovski were much better. the Galaxy front office and ignorant fans seem to always forget and disrespect our few but great quality player weve have with unnecesary trades and eary retirements (Cienfuegos, Ruiz, Pena, welton, Machon, Quijano, Ramirez, Glinton, ...more than once etc...) AEG, Galaxy.... for once in a long time you have redeemed yourself. Keep it going! We deserve and demand a QUALITY, EFFECIENT SQUAD THAT WE CAN TRULY BE PROUD OF! Do not take us for granted. Like the song says...YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!

charlesj27 said...

I have been scouring many different soccer news / blog sites to read the many, many comments about our LA Galaxy having signed Carlos Ruiz back. Honestly, what it comes down to is... If he has matured in his attitude and team-play, plus works just as hard as everybody else on the team to get the LA Galaxy back at the top of the MLS Conference Table... then, it will be a worthwhile signing. However, I must say - that I am extremely cautious/apprehensive about Carlos Ruiz's "theatrics and cheap dives"... I hope that LA Galaxy management has made it very, very clear to him what the policy is on On-Field actions & attitudes.

The LA Galaxy still needs another proven attacking forward that is very comfortable and proven from the left-side... Donovan will take care of the middle and Carlos Ruiz on the right... But, there still isn't anyone who can effectively attack from the left-side near goal. Plus, we still are in the need for these three (3) highly important positions: Left-Wing Midfield, Center-Field Midfield/Forward, and Center Full Back.

This year's SuperDraft is loaded with Defensive Player options... but, very thin on Forwards. The LA Galaxy must make sure that the above three (3) mentioned positional players get filled with experienced, tactically superior players.

Here are my SuperDraft 2008 picks that I wish & want for our LA Galaxy (in order of how valuable, skilled, and sought-after they could be):
1) ANDY IRO (Center-FullBack)
3) YOMBY WILLIAM (Left-Back Defender)
4) LUKASZ TUMICZ (Center Mid-Forward)
5) EL-HADJ CISSE (Left Wing / Midfielder)
6) PETER LOWRY (Left-Forward)
7) GEOFF CAMERON (Right-Back Defender)
8) DOMINIC CERVI (Substitute Goal-Keeper)

I can only fore-see that these players could end-up with our LA Galaxy as products of extensive bargaining and trading. However, the important thing here is that these players are YOUNG, FIT, NON-INJURED, and very eager to learn and play!

Here's to hoping that our LA Galaxy gets the BEST POSIIBLE PLAYERS it must have in order to get back to top in MLS Standing & Ranking!

Love this beautiful game... PLAY HARD!!!

charlie said...

I think Ruiz deserves another chance. in case galaxy fans forgot he gave them their first championship. however; I understand some of you are concerned about his discipline. but Beckham and Ruud can influence him for good. he is a talented player.