Friday, January 29, 2010

Week One is in the Books

A little more than two months after falling on penalties in MLS Cup 2009, the Galaxy completed week one of their 2010 training camp at The Home Depot Center.

Fitness was the buzzword all week long as the players began the transition from the offseason to the preseason, all of which will get them ready for the regular season, which is just under two months away.

The shiny new MLS adidas Jubulani soccer balls that the team will be using this season saw just the slightest bit of action this week as the players went through a two hour gym session each morning. After lunch in the team lounge, the players would emerge each afternoon for another fitness session, this time featuring a series of runs as opposed to a gym workout.

In fact, if it wasn't for Ian Feuer putting the club's goalkeepers through afternoon drills each day, the new balls would never have seen the light of day (see below).

Here are some new photos from the opening week of training.

Finally, enjoy this photo of Birchy striking a pose, and holding it for about 10 steps while running. That's what we call skillz, people.


Anonymous said...

good to have Klein back with the G's, long may he remain one too :)

Pox said...

Damn Birch! Another couple of laps for you, and stay outta the pubs, thats for the fans!!!