Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Lighter Side of Sports

In honor of Landon's first day with Everton, we bring you this very humorous commercial starting our very own Landon Donovan.


For those of you that may not undertand Spanish, the premise of the commercial is that Landon is attempting to cross in to Mexico to play "Gana Gol" but is caught by the Mexican Border Secutiry.

Gana Gol is a sort of pick 'em game for Mexican Soccer League matches in which people play for money. The border agent confiscates Landon's play card and tells Landon to go back to the U.S. Not before, of course, Landon gets in one last line in the direction of the referee, we mean, border agent.


Lea said...

LOL! I love this :) Funny that he's probably much better recognized on TV in Mexico than here...maybe one day we'll be a soccer nation...

Anonymous said...

one of the best soccer related adverts EVER!


Nicole said...

That is just too funny! Obvious sense of humor on everyone's part.

Now, if only US advertizers would use Landon. Come on, G2!