Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beckham Helps Milan Hold On to Second Place in Serie A

David Beckham made his second consecutive start on the right wing for AC Milan as they defeated Juventus 3-0 this afternoon. Juventus would have moved up to second place in the league with a win, but a first half goal from Alessandro Nesta and two by Ronaldinho after halftime, the second of which was set up by Beckham, allowed Milan to take the full three points in a heavy Turin fog.

Milan have now won both games that they have played since Beckham re-joined the club late last month, defeating Genoa 5-2 at the San Siro on Wednesday, a game that saw Beckham play the opening 76 minutes before being replaced by Marek Jankulovski. Beckham played the full 90 minutes for Milan today, pairing with Ronaldinho and Marco Boriello in a three-man frontline that has combined to score five goals in the last two games.

Milan are back in action next Sunday when they host Siena before the all important Milan derby against Serie A leaders Inter on January 24. Inter are currently eight points ahead of AC Milan at the midway point of the Italian season.


Anonymous said...

I used to come to this blog specifically for the videos, now there's nothing. A twit video is hardly what we've been accustom to. Where's TWIG and the cool features we are all used?? Get with it blog team it's 2010.

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where are the draft updates???

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Why do other blogs have Donovan's postgame interview and the Galaxy blog does not?

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Dear blog staff.

How about some acutal news and information on what Bruce/Sarachan/Cobi have been up to, where they think we could improve with new players, what we are looking for at the draft. (depth, staters, trades etc)

We don't need names, but at least some info.

just give us more news, than the random DB played here, LD played there update + showbiz update.

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I've officially removed this blog off my favorites:(