Thursday, January 28, 2010

MLS and MLS Players Union To Continue To Negotiate Through February 12

After spending the first half of the week in New York attending the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations between MLS Players Union and MLS officials, Galaxy players Chris Klein and Todd Dunivant were in attendance at training today for the first time this season.

Earlier today, Major League Soccer announced that it had reached a deal with the Players Union to continue to negotiate through February 12. The current CBA had been scheduled to expire on Sunday, January 31. Click here to read the full statement from MLS and the MLS Players Union.


charlesj27 said...

Glad to see this blog pick up again in posting more news / current news on LA Galaxy and MLS. Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

+1 what Charlesj27 said.

also, good that they are at least talking together (and not in public too)

Hopefully we'll see:

1) a rise in the minimum salaries
2) salarycap increase
3) expanded rosters
4) giving some concessions to long time (5yrs+) MLS players

Anonymous said...

I really hope that both sides can work things out. I am eager to see more Soccer / Futbol this year. I really enjoying watching The Worlds most popular spectator sport. Especially this year with The World Cup comming up & millions of people around the world looking forward to it. I think that both sides would really want to make an agreement to keep the MLS gaining momentum! & gear us All up for The World Cup & keep the sport of Soccer gaining popularity in America.