Friday, October 15, 2010

This Week Inside the Galaxy - Supporters' Shield Special

With just two games remaining on the schedule, the Galaxy find themselves on the verge of their first Supporters' Shield in eight years. A win on Saturday will seal the best record in the league for LA and give them their third Supporters' Shield, joining the ones that they won in 1998 and 2002.

In the latest episode of This Week Inside the Galaxy, we catch up with a number of guy to look ahead to Saturday's game with the Rapids and see just how important it is to the guys to win the Shield.

Watch and enjoy...
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charlesj27 said...

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for this video piece of many of our veterans and a few of our youngsters. Remember, LA Galaxy players - please, ONE winning, strong, definite showing at a time. Only think about the game that is ahead close by... thinking beyond that will lead to "biting off more than one can chew". Let's play real strong (positively) - make our mark and our stamp in LA at our stadium in front of our fans. Let's get the Supporters Shield into HDC. I for sure want the MLS Cup trophy - but, there are MANY other teams clawing, tearing, salivating for it. Let's get through our regular games. Again, we have to keep our young players fully involved. They have to be focused; and ready to listen, act, and contribute. Wish us a solid game tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

The Galaxy have to be really hungry, focused, together & put in maximum efforts to every single Match / game in order to win The MLS Championship. In the playoffs anything can happen. It's not that long & the team(s) that play the best & r the hungriest will usually win. So LAG, let's see what ya got! ~ Good Luck guys!