Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rapid Preparations, Part II

We felt one post wasn't enough, so we took a second look at our camera and realized we had some extra shots from the last two days.

We were going to delete them at first, but on second thought decided to post them here for you guys.



charlesj27 said...

Thanks you very much for the training updates... and, the PICS!!! Nice. I hope our LAG team is getting the practice, as well as instructions and tactics necessary to put the clamp down on Colorado this Saturday. Let's go GALAXY!
Please give Edson and Becks the rest they need. Practices should be very competitive with emphases on corrections on mistakes and tactics. Finishing, Finishing, Finishing... We have to score!

Anonymous said...

Seattle & RSL r going to be tough to beat in the Western confrence Playoffs. Seattle has been playing well lately & RSL r the defending Champions & play well together as a team.