Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Klein and Lewis Discuss Pending Retirements

Chris Klein and Eddie Lewis still have one regular season game left in 2010 as well as the upcoming MLS Cup Playoffs. But on the heels of their decision to formally announce their retirements earlier today, we caught up with the veteran duo to look back at their careers and reminisce about some of the favorite memories from their time in the sport.

Here is what they had to say...

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charlesj27 said...

Great video, guys! Thanks. I hope when fans come to the LA Galaxy game this Sunday that they will play some memorable clips of BOTH Chris and Eddie on the Jumbotron before the game. Two "model" professional American Soccer players. Glad to have seen them and watch them play within MLS. Best of luck to both of them and their families.
I, purposely, held back and refrained from commenting/posting on my thoughts and feelings of how LA Galaxy played the past game against Colorado Rapids. I needed the time away to just release my sheer disappointment and outrage. I basically needed to calm down. I understand that this is sports - and, in essence, a game. To me, it (this beautiful game) will always be much, much more and the connection I can hold onto with others all over this great big world of ours. Soccer (Football) should be handled, taught, practiced, and played with correctness (professionalism), care (respect & admiration, and continuity (tradition & aspiration). If a team is going to step on the field to play... then, their minds, their hearts, and their limbs are to be given to that effort in whole... not, piece-mealed to fit here and there in the hopes of winging it and gettin' by. Our performance against Colorado was not only shaky - but, completely loose/shallow. If the team understood and accepted what WINNING means and what it does for themselves, the fans, the supporters, the friends, and the financiers... then, I would not have saw the performance that I saw last Saturday. Colorado is so, so beatable... but, our linking; our forward movement/hold/shift/release... it was all desperate and spastic. They shut us down because for that 60-70minutes we hadn't a clue of how to play controlled, steady, confident, team-aspiring soccer. Instead I saw Michael Stephens put his gears into over-drive and ran all over the field to contribute; while our backline played "modeling" or "hopscotch" or "you gottem - no, I gottem - no, wait...". That's why teams come in and put the beat down on us. They know from minute 15 in 1st half whether we got our positioning and passing and marking and shift/hold/slide/release down... or, if they can double team and triple team and get us to break down like "jenga".
And, what is it with thus mixing and matching of players this late in the season. That's all well and fine in the 1st 13-15 weeks of the season... NOT NOW!
It will be nothing but this team's blame if we loose out on Supporters Shield, SemiFinals, and Finals. Please, Bruce and Dave - please light a huge match furnace under the players who don't have their minds, bodies, and hearts in making it to the 2010 MLS Finals convincingly! This is no time for mediocrity!

Anonymous said...

The Galaxy have talent. Now do some of them want to put it to good use? We will see in the next few weeks. Let's go guys. This is a new season & the slate is going to be clear & even / steven. Get Focused, motivated, prepared & ready to play! ~ Good Luck!