Saturday, October 16, 2010

Postgame Reaction to Colorado Defeat

Here is what Edson Buddle had to say on the field after the game...
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And here is more from the locker rooms of both teams...

LA Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena

On the result:
“I didn’t think we played a bad game tonight, but we were certainly punished for our mistakes. Their first goal got them back into the game a little bit, and gave them a swing of momentum. I thought we played quite well up until that point. The second goal we have two defenders who don’t make the play. Give Conor credit. The third goal was a good goal. I thought, on the night, at times we moved the ball well, we created some decent chances. Our final pass, our cross in the second half wasn’t there when we needed it. The couple of chances we had when we had a good look at the goal, we didn’t take well. We got punished for our mistakes tonight, but I thought our guys played hard and at times played well. Give Colorado credit. They played well.”

On the play of Gregg Berhalter:
“He was obviously a little bit rusty. He got tired. I thought at times in the first half he played well and had the team organized, but it’s natural that he isn’t going to have the kind of match fitness we want him to have at this point. His layoff was pretty long.”

On Chris Birchall’s injury:
“It was a bad tackle. I don’t know exactly what the injury is, but he is a tough guy and he had to come off. I don’t know if it is just a contusion or a nerve or a muscle. I don’t know.”

On the play of David Beckham:
“He’s getting better. He was pretty sharp at times throughout the night. Obviously his fitness needs a little bit more work, but he is getting better each week.”

LA Galaxy Forward Landon Donovan

On the result:
“The result was bad. The performance actually wasn’t bad. Until they scored, I thought we played really well. The second half, we dominated aside from a couple of plays. We certainly didn’t get any help from the officiating. We are bummed out, but we still control our own destiny and next week means everything.”

On what the team needs to improve on ahead of next week’s game against FC Dallas:
“We need to clean up some things during the week and use next weekend as an opportunity to continue to get better.”

On their second goal:
“We talked all week about marking them in front of the goal, and on the second goal, we did a poor job, but to be fair to us, they got a lucky goal that turned the game. I think we, on a few plays, weren’t good enough on both ends of the field.”

On the play of Colorado:
“They didn’t play very well tonight, but they were good with their chances. I don’t know how many blocks, saves, deflections they had that helped them, but they made all the little plays that make a big difference.”

On failing to win the Supporters’ Shield tonight:
“We wanted to celebrate tonight. We wanted to have next week to relax a little bit. But maybe it will keep us sharp, keeping us going and we don’t have the ability to rest and relax, we have to keep going.”

On adjusting to having David Beckham back:
“I think getting David back in has been a little difficult. We have to adjust, and I think tonight, performance wise, is the best we have played together. It is still going to take time. Soccer at any level comes down to making plays and tonight they made the plays and we didn’t. In the playoffs, you have to do that.”

On the play of David Beckham:
“David looked good tonight. He looked more active, like he is getting his legs back. I don’t think he is at 100 percent yet, but he played well tonight.”

LA Galaxy Midfielder Chris Birchall

On next week’s game:
“With Salt Lake winning tonight, it put Dallas out of winning the whole thing, but they will still be coming here with confidence. They want to win the last game before the playoffs, but we know if we win the last game, we win the Supporters’ Shield. We just have to go out and be confident and try to win the game.”

On tonight’s result:
“We expected to win the game tonight, but it doesn’t really happen the way you expect things to go. We played well at parts, but after they were 2-1 up and especially after they got the third goal, it was difficult and they sat back and it is hard to get back in the game when you are playing a team with 11 men behind the ball. Hopefully, we can get a good result on Sunday.”

LA Galaxy Defender Sean Franklin:

On the own goal:
“I tried to clear it. I got a foot to it and it hit Edson in the shoulder and that’s just unlucky for us. It was just unlucky. We know that’s not a goal that they earned. It’s not a play that they beat us on. It is a mistake that happens, but we knew it wasn’t going to cost us the game.”

On the play of Colorado:
“They capitalized on our mistakes. We had bad turnovers in certain spots of the field and they finished off their chances. We had a chance to win the Shield tonight and we didn’t do that. We have to come out next week against Dallas and get three points.”

LA Galaxy Goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts

On winning the Supporters’ Shield:
“It would be nice to win the Supporters’ Shield, but if we win the Supporters’ Shield and lose MLS Cup, I wouldn’t like that.”

LA Galaxy Defender Omar Gonzalez

On the loss:
“It is a terrible feeling to lose at home. We came into the game expecting to win the game and the Supporters’ Shield, but it didn’t happen tonight. Colorado came out strong tonight, they came out with a lot of heart. I thought we started the first half pretty good. We scored first and then we started getting unlucky, the own goal. I thought their two forwards did well to connect well for the second goal. Then, they scored a third and we got a bunch of chances and were unlucky to not score on one of those. I thought we fought hard the whole way through.”

On the play of Gregg Berhalter:
“It is always great having Gregg back there. I thought he did well when he as in. His fitness is getting back and we will see how he does next week. I am looking forward to it.”

LA Galaxy Midfielder David Beckham

On the play of Colorado…
“I think they played well. We knew that they were just going to be a good team. We knew that they were coming in for a win or at least a draw because we knew that’s all they needed. We probably went too early in the game, but then we couldn’t get that second goal. You know, their first goal was a bit of luck. We had many chances to win the game and bring the game back. We were up against a good team.”

On the own goal…
“Obviously, when you start so well it’s disappointing because we were in control of the game, and they get the lucky goal. Not taking anything away from Colorado because they were good team tonight.”

On his fitness…
“Tonight was probably the best game since I’ve come back. Leg felt good, I felt ready so I enjoyed tonight. It’s disappointing. It’s good to get 90 minutes as well. It’s disappointing not to win it. It’s in our own hands. If we win next week, we are top of the [league].”

LA Galaxy Defender Gregg Berhalter

On tonight’s game:
“Obviously I am disappointed with the loss but I felt my fitness was alright and better than expected.”

On the game:
“We were in absolute control of the game, playing very well. Then that fluke goal comes. I think that was the first time that they were actually in our 18 and they scored on an own goal that touched two of our players before going in which rarely ever happens and it changed the game. Our heads when down a bit, we were still dominating and then they get another chance and they score and we are down 2-1 all of a sudden out of nowhere.”

On being in the starting XI:
“It was great. It felt great. It was just the little things: the battle of the game, the running and the competition it felt good.”

LA Galaxy Forward Edson Buddle

On the Rapids:
“I think Colorado did a good job. I think they sat back and countered pretty well and finished their chances. I think that is what they did to be successful tonight.”

On Omar Cummings:
“He finds the space well early and when they win the ball he finds an open space and credit to the midfield for finding him early. You see a lot of fast players and they really can’t control themselves but he is able to possess the ball at high speed and if all things are going right he finds the back of the net.”

On the own goal:
“I saw Sean try to clear the ball. I was running up the field and the ball hit me and went the other direction.”

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Gary Smith

On the match:
“Well, I am obviously delighted that we clinched a playoff spot. After a very bright start from the Galaxy, I thought we got ourselves back in the game nicely. We settled down and got ourselves a fortuitous goal early on, but from that point on, I thought we created some of the clearer opportunities in the game. I am very pleased with pretty much everybody in the group. It was a very determined and passionate display.”

On the play of Omar Cummings:
“He is such an exciting lad. I think it was the second goal when he delivered a wonderful pass to Conor [Casey]. He is very, very difficult to deal with. I thought he did fabulously for his own goal. He is just such an exciting individual and he is difficult to handle. He takes a lot of emphasis from other players to allow them to perform. Overall, I thought he was terrific.”

On the Galaxy’s own goal:
“I think it makes a big difference. Scoring goals at the right time raises morale and maybe shifts momentum slightly. There is no doubt that the Galaxy started very brightly, and while I thought the goal was fortuitous, it took a nasty deflection off of Drew [Moor], goals make a difference. To get back in the game that quickly gave the guys a much better feel and a bit of confidence and gave them a little more time to settle into the game. Going in at the break up 2-1, we were able to really be positive about the second period. The guys relaxed a little bit more. We had two or three other very good chances. I thought we were worthy winners.”

On coming back to win the game:
“I believe it is the first time in four years that we have come from behind to win a game. I am told that it is 68 games that we have conceded first and not come back to win a game. That is a long time. To be able to do it tonight, here, against a very good side, just wraps up a very nice night for us.”

On winning three straight times against the Galaxy at The Home Depot Center:
“It is a very, very tough place to come and play. Their record shows that they are a very good side, and are in a very good position to win the Supporters’ Shield. On the night, we played well, and goals at the right time make a big difference to the group, and tonight, it made a big difference to us. I can’t give you a reason why we have beat them three times here and got beat by [the Galaxy] at home 1-0. It doesn’t make any sense really, but that is sport and some of our guys must enjoy coming here.”

Colorado Rapids Midfielder Pablo Mastroeni

On the result:
“We’re building on what we’ve done all season and coming on the road and getting the results and going home and finishing off what we started at the beginning of the year. Our mindset is on the game next weekend. We’ll take it one game at a time.”

On securing a playoff spot tonight:
“Anything can happen in the playoffs, Salt Lake proved it last year, they were the eighth seed. You need to be in good form, you need to be playing and you need a lot of luck as well. You need the ball to bounce your way at the right time. More importantly, you have to believe it what you are doing and I think this team has a lot of that.”

On the play of the team this year:
“We just have a group of guys that all believe in the system, believe in what we’re doing and we work hard for each other and that says a lot about an MLS team. That’s pretty much the focus of becoming a good MLS team is the togetherness and fighting for each other and I think that’s what we have in this locker room.”

On the play of the Rapids midfield tonight:
“It was a battle out there. We had a diamond midfield and they had a diamond midfield,
so the real play for us was to find Omar peeling off and finding Conor’s feet and playing off of him. Obviously that’s hard when you have Berhalter and Gonzalez back there. Our best chances came from second runs out of the midfield and finding Omar. There’s never an easy day in the midfield, it’s always a battle.”

Colorado Rapids Forward Conor Casey

On making the playoffs:
“It feels great to make the playoffs, we worked hard all year and everyone’s excited. We’ve got a new life and we’re going to the playoffs. Tonight was back and forth. We took our chances well and defended well.”

On winning tonight’s game:
“More important than that we have another game we want to win. We feel good about ourselves, we keep improving and we’ve been playing well over the past couple months and we just want to keep that momentum going.

Colorado Rapids Forward Omar Cummings

On making the playoffs:
“We made the playoffs and that’s everything for me. My fourth season, first time. I’m just so happy to make the playoffs. Coming out and going down to LA and then to come back and win 3-1, it think it’s tremendous.”

On the result:
“I think we were playing good balls when we got a chance too and even were defending a lot of times. When we got our chances, we made the best of them. Our first job was to make the playoffs and then we’ll look at whoever we play. We’ll take whoever we get.”


Anonymous said...

i know people dont comment often but i check this blog everyday because it provides information and videos that other sites wont. just keep doing what youre doing and i appreciate all the updates.

Anonymous said...

I also don't understand why more people don't post comments here. The LAG have thousands of fans. I didn't get to see last Saturday nights Match on television. I hope that The LAG turn it up for the playoffs. Good to hear that D.B. played a full 90. Maybe The Galaxy should try to get Wayne Rooney. ~ lol

Football Fan said...

I think Rooney could either be bad or good idea, depending on what he is feeling at the moment and the time of play. Better take someone who is more consistent on and off the field in the mind/head division than someone who's playing according to his own mood and not for the team.
I'm an England fan..and I am frustrated as hell with Wayne since the last World Cup!!

Back to the Galaxy and this AMAZING, INFORMATIVE, ACTIVE, and very, very LIKEABLE blog, I agree with the commentators above!
I really, really hope that the bloggers don't ever think for a minute that they don't have any viewers and decided to shut down eventually. NO! We are here reading for EVERY SINGLE DAY and we love this blog!!

Greetings from South East Asia, baby!! XD

Anonymous said...

Rooney had a fabulous year last year b4 the World Cup. It's amazing how things can turn around in less then one year. I know that he has had some personal issues. He can be one of the best players in the world when he is on his game & in the right frame of mind! I don't think that it was conveyed to the he would consider going to the MLS.