Thursday, October 15, 2009

Training in the Rain

The conditions at today's training session were not ideal. Far from it (look at above picture).

But the guys (blog staff included, well, sort of) toughed it out and trained outside in the rain. The guys started the session by working on some head-to-head drills, which consisted of one player sending a lob to a player about 30 yards away and then running toward him to prevent him from getting a clean shot on goal.

After that, the group was split into two for a finishing drill that turned very competitive. Each time someone would score, the entire side would loudly cheer in the direction of the other team. The rain was coming down hard at this point and we were trying to stay dry underneath a tent located on the opposite of the field (told you we sort of toughed it out) and were unable to tell who won. The winners did celebrate loudly however.

The day came to an end with the players talking to the media and the group being split into three for a game of keep away. Speaking with the crew from Telemundo, Bruce said that Dema Kovalenko, who has been training at full speed for most of the month could feature this weekend while Stefani Miglioranzi will likely not be available for the final two games of the regular season but could return for the club's first playoff game.

Be cause of the rain, and our location, today's photos are a bit grainy and shot from a distance.



charlesj27 said...

Appreciate the updates, guys. Thanks for getting these pics and the brief break-down to us. I wish the entire traveling team lots of strength and fight for what will surely be a very competitive match against one of the best (if not the best) Western Conference MLS teams. I know that if our players have their minds and hearts completely set & focused on the flow & timing of the game, that we can come out of there with a tie or victory. I'm assuming that both Landon and David will get at least the today and tomorrow off - before they practice and play on Saturday / Sunday. Once again, really hope that our players can pull through with a victory.

Anonymous said...

Okay so Stefani won't be back till the playoffs, with Dema healthy I guess I can see that, but I really want to know when will Alecko be back? I can't wait to see both Alecko and Buddle up top, then maybe just maybe we can get both Landon and Beckham on the wings where they belong LD on the left like for the nats and David on the right where he shines the most so he won't have to run all the way down to get the ball from Omar or Greg, and then have Birchall and Dema/Stefani in the middle, I realize we need the team to work with this formation but it be nice to have as a late game option in tight game situations which we are sure to encounter in the playoffs and for sure in the Western Conference Championship as well as MLS cup if we make it so far!
Sorry Eddie Lewis but I would much rathar have Landon's pace to help AJ on the left and that gives us 2 guys with some speed and tenacity in the middle and make sure gaps are closed down!

So any word on when Alecko will be back?