Monday, October 26, 2009

Galaxy Talks About Facing Chivas USA in the Playoffs

Since the Galaxy did not find out who their opponent in the Western Conference Semifnals was until after their game on Saturday night, Monday was the first chance players and coaching staff had to talk about facing Chivas USA in the playoffs.

Everybody is in agreement that soccer fans are in for a real treat with this series.

"To play two games with that much at stake, I think it's great," Gregg Berhalter said.

"It makes it interesting for MLS. It's a good game to watch if you're neutral, and even more passionate for the fans," said Donovan Ricketts.

Read Larry Morgan's article on for more reaction.

Also, check out these two videos to see some of what Berhalter and Arena had to say, as well as a few pictures from today's training session.


Rudedeck said...

Is it Sunday yet? Trash talking is already flying between myself and two good buddies (Chivas supporters). Go Galaxy!!!

Anonymous said...

It has been said that "The Galaxy and Chivas face-off in a two-legged series played out on consecutive Sundays, with aggregate goals deciding the victor". A question that arises is : how is a victor determined if the two teams score equal aggregate goals?

Galaxy Til I Die said...

@Rudedeck - Looks like making the playoffs has doubled Chivas support. They now have two fans, good for them.

Melissa said...

if they tie in aggregate they go to who scored the most away goals and if its still tied they will do pk atleast thats what everyother league does

Anonymous said...

Thanks Melissa for the info on what happens if they tie in aggregate.