Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting Ready for One of the Rivals

It's been more than four months since the Galaxy last played the Earthquakes and nearly an incredible 19 months! since LA last hosted Frank Yallop's squad at The Home Depot Center.

Suffice to say, things have changed a bit since Landon and David each scored on that night as LA pulled out a 2-0 victory in San Jose's return to MLS. Seven of the 12 players who were on the field that night for the Galaxy are no longer with the club and only three players who started for LA on that night are expected to be back in the starting lineup this weekend.

But despite all the new faces on the Galaxy squad, one thing that is bringing the entire team together this week is a desire to get their first win of the year against their rivals from Northern California.

With that ambition in mind, the Galaxy went through an intense 90 minute training session at The Home Depot Center this morning.Bruce and Co. got the team together for some full field, 11v11 work, utilizing a number of different lineups before wrapping up with some finishing.The standard finishing drills that end the session took a more competitive turn today, with the players pairing up with a partner in a race to score four goals. Player A would have to chip the ball wide on the right flank to Player B who would then cross the ball back into the box with their right foot for Player A to try and finish.Once that was successful, the two players would trade roles until another goal was scored. The pair would then have to do it all again, this time from the left flank and with the left foot, meaning that the first team to score four goals would be named the winner.

That title would go to the team of Dema and Tony who needed just six attempts to complete the circuit in what has to be a record of some kind.


Moon said...

Why there was no David's picture at all? Was he training at all with the team or not?

charlesj27 said...

Thanks for the pics and training updates. Was not able to come to the "Meet the Team" event on Tuesday. However, it is a very good gesture and event for STHs to come and get a more "closer" view of our players and the coaches.
I wish our guys best of luck for this Saturday! This home game against the Earthquakes is one that our guys really should push as hard as possible, as constantly as possible, and throughout both halves to secure a decided win! That's my sincere hope, anyways! I'm hoping that Stefani, AJ, Dema, Sean, Chris-B, Eddie, Edson, Landon, and David are all amped and concentrated for this game! Should be a good one! Come on LA Galaxy... this is yours for the taking!

dk21 said...

DEMA!!! Thanks for the pictures and update!