Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Ready for Houston

After not playing a game this weekend, the guys got their competitive fix in on Monday by having a four-team, 6v6 tournament.

It didn't take long for the players to get into it.
As the tournament was going on, the goalkeepers were working off to the side by themselves.
As the teams entered the last round of games, the tournament was wide open still and up for grabs. The blue team jumped ahead in its game and seemed to be headed to a championship victory until Dema Kovalenko got one in with with time winding down. Kovalenko's goal (pictured below) was enough to give the yellow team the championship. Or so he thought...
Since both the blue and yellow teams finished with identical record, there was some confusion as to which tiebreaker would be implemented to determined the winner-- head-to-head or goal differential. At first, Bruce said head-to-head, which would have given the win to the blue team.

But Dema, not one to give up without a fight, in all its simplicity asked Bruce, what tiebreaker is used int he World Cup. And with that, the yellow team was declared the winner and a second celebration ensued.

The guys are back on the field tomorrow. To find out more about Dema's rehab, and if he's any closer to being match fit, read tomorrow morning and look for Larry Morgan interview with the Ukrainian midfielder.


Anonymous said...

will david beckham be playing in the game in houston on sunday 10/18?

Anonymous said...

You guys can do it !!!!
And thank you so much for this wonderful blog!! It makes my day, and the pictures are great too !

kovalenkoisthebest said...

I love Dema!!!