Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Galaxy Treat Season Ticket Holders to Special Evening

On Tuesday evening, the Galaxy hosted their annual Meet the Team event exclusively for Season Ticket Holders including a team training session and autograph session with the players at The Home Depot Center. FS West Analyst Mark Rogondino hosted the event, which also featured food and a performance from the Band X86.

The festivities kicked off with a welcome from President of Business Operation Tom Payne, who thanked our most dedicated fans for their support this season. He also talked about the club's return to the playoffs for the first time since 2005 and the importance of their support as we "Go for Gold" in the MLS Cup Playoffs.
Fans enjoyed the opportunity to watch a training session with the entire team up close and personal on the stadium's main field. Bruce addressed the crowd thanking them for their amazing support this season. He also introduced the players and coaching staff, providing his own unique commentary. He then broke down each portion of training to explain what the players were doing and the scoring for each competition with updates as well.
In addition, Arena captivated fans answering a number of questions which covered a wide range of topics including the season, playoffs, and even some off the field happenings.
At the end of training, Galaxy captain Landon Donovan addressed the fans sharing with them his thoughts on the season and their support of the team. He made sure to thank fans and remind them that there is still one more game to be played against San Jose on Saturday before we move back to where we belong, the postseason.
Following training, the players were divided up into different locations and signed autographs for more than a hour. While there was not enough time to get everyone, fans came away with a great memory and a few autographs to boot.
All in all, it was a great evening for everyone.


Anonymous said...

It was a fun night. Are there anymore pictures of players signing autographs?

eli said...

Can you fix the links so the other pictures open up bigger? Only the first picture opens up bigger right now.

Footie Fan said...

Is there any VIDEO of the Special Day? Can you please post it up? I wanna see some LIVE INTERACTION between the players and the fans.

I really appreciate it. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I was out of town and missed the event. I was sick to miss it but the comments and pictures mean a lot to me. Can't wait till Saturdays game!!!

Anonymous said...

The autograph section sucked!!!! Poorly ran. Why can't you guys have pre-signed autograph pictures of other guys we couldn't get a wristband for?

Madness said...

Totally agree with the last poster here. The autograph session was POORLY RAN!! Why don't you let the others who didn't get the wristband to have at least a picture of the other players? And to have one with a signature is not that hard isn't it? Next time have the players to sign their photos prior to the day for those who can't come. Than that wouldn't be so sucked for the fans.