Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Transformation Back to Field of Dreams

Since the X Games ended on Sunday, August 2, the personnel at HDC have been working extremely hard to get the stadium field back to normal. In five days, the HDC removed 17,000 yards of dirt from the facility, including the northwest and northeast stands. Overall, it took more than 750 truck loads to remove all of the dirt.
In addition this feat was completed in between and during the seven-day LA Women's Tennis Championships tennis tournament that ran here from August 3-9.
Beginning on Wednesday morning, the stadium grounds crew will oversee 601 rolls of beautiful and plush Bermuda sod being brought in to the stadium via 30 semi-truck loads. Each roll is approx. 150-175 sq. ft. of sod.
The field will be completely sodded by late Thursday afternoon. Our hats go off to the grounds crew, who will transform the stadium back to the cathedral of soccer that we all know and love.


Anonymous said...

get more pics of the relaying the field/turf

MattJack said...

Can we please widen the pitch, its so frustrating to see upwards of 5 yards wasted space that would actually help the galaxy play better at home (atleast goldenballs).

yallop shortened it and we have yet to change it back.

charlesj27 said...

And, we play Seattle Sounders FC this coming Saturday - that's two days after the new application of sod. Well, folks - get ready for players tripping, ball bouncing, and the occasional tweak/trip and added injury time. I really hope our players get some more time on that new sod. I am suddenly afriad for Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Being at X-Games and seeing the HDC was absolutely amazing. I felt like I was at an entirely new place.

supporter said...

I hate this X-Games being held at the HDC!!! Isn't the X-Games owners are rich people than everyone? Why didn't they build their own stadium/place for the sports??! And why the HDC really needed to rent the place to X-Games and ruin the field? Are they THAT desperate for money? I'm okay if they rent the place for other people to use it..just as long as they didn't ruin the pitch!! No wonder the level of soccer there is very low..they don't even care about the basic thing in soccer like the football/soccer pitch!!