Tuesday, August 18, 2009

UPDATED: Talking Fuego

Bruce Arena and Landon Donovan talked to members of the Chicago media earlier today ahead of Wednesday's game against the Fire.

After the media avail, the guys jumped on the bus and made their way to Toyota Park for training. We'll be sure to post a recap about tonight's training session either tonight or tomorrow morning.




charlesj27 said...

Sorry to say this - but, the audio snippet from Bruce did not tell us much of anything. I don't know if he's groggy/tuned-off/or just not in the mood. Also, when you guys ask questions - please, SPEAK UP!!! I can barely hear the questions for some... I know the players probably just finish traveling and everything - but, I did NOT sense enthusiasm and energy from Landon's voice. Whatever be the case, the players' focus and heart have to be towards playing... playing strong & well. That means being confident, communicating, watching, and most of all acting/re-acting fast! I wish the players lots of rest and luck for tomorrow night and this weekend. Right now, all us fans can hope for is somewhat even/decent results. I really cannot stress how urgently and badly we need Edson, Alecko, and Dema back in the line-up.

By the way, up top - it's Wednesday night's game against Chicago Fire, NOT Saturday night's game.

Anonymous said...


The game vs Chicago is Wednesday. Why do you think you are there now?

Anonymous said...

i thought the game was tomorrow and not on saturday as you stated on this post?

charlesj27 said...

I want the players to keep playing together, to work hard and correctly during practices, and to make every minute in these coming series of games count. Don't give up. So much effort & luck have brought this LA Galaxy team this far; do NOT let it slip now. Players have got to be alert and keep their heads & attention in the games. Of course, it's going to be tiring and tough. These next four/five games are so, so critical for many MLS teams. The coaches must be firm, demanding, and relentless in their expectations and attention to mistakes. The correct starting line-ups are going to be so, so key for these series of games. Good luck tonight & tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Charlesj27 - " I want the players to keep playing together, to work..."

Really? I come onto this blog to read fellow fans comments about the team, and on every post, I come across your comments, and I must say they are very annoying. I would like to know your background, because sometimes, you seem to blow smoke out of your @$$.

Anyway, let's go Galaxy! I am a fan, letting the coaches do their job, and cheering my LA Galaxy through thick and thin! Let's go guys, let's make it into the play-offs this year and show everyone que "Si se puede".

PS - If you were a true Galaxy fan, you would know that, that is Landon for you, very relaxed and soft spoken when he does interviews. Come on, Charles, stop already, at least for a week, please. Thanks for the great updates, audio, and pics Galaxy bloggers.

charlesj27 said...

Yes, Anonymous... countless others have stated my comments are tiresome & annoying. What can I say, but... "Sorry, but - tough... I've got stuff I want to get out to others regarding this team, and, so I write it".
My background: I follow MLS soccer very closely since 2005. I've been following international football/soccer (EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Eredvisie, Selecao, Clausura, and Apertura) for about 3 years all together. I play soccer with some of my work-mates, and pick-up soccer on the weekends. I've talked with and continue to talk with youth soccer coaches, AYSO refs, and parents of players in youth academies.
If I was a true Galaxy fan, I would express my devotion, interest, and personal depth in the ways that I know how - and, this right here is a way that I know how. I'll stop when I choose to do so of my own volition.
Thanks for your sentiments and statements.
PS - the comment I made up top was towards the Galaxy Blog Staff, not towards Landon. Since, itis normally the interviewers that asks the questions and the players that answer them.

Anonymous said...


Enough already. Your childish, amateurish comments are not interesting to anyone. Just act like a fan and rant and rave like the rest of us lunetics but CUT THE CRAP OUT, Pleaaaaaaaaaaase.

You sound STUPID.

Anonymous said...

charles doesnt bother me, i respect his opinion. why does it bother you? hey......galaxy won!

Anonymous said...

openion is one thing but AYSO instructions for the coaching staff and players is trite.