Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Good Day

The players were back on the field this afternoon for the first time since the Barcelona game with fitness being the main point of the day as illustrated by the team's extensive runs that they went through at the end of the session.

But while Bruce and Co. were preparing the team for Saturday's battle with New England at Gillette Stadium, there were a number of interesting events going on off the field here at the HDC.

Right after training, the players were visited by Caroline Wozniacki, the No. 8 ranked player on the SonyEricsson WTA Tour. The Tour is in town for the LA Women's Tennis Championships and the 19-year old native of Denmark was sure to stop by training to take in some of the action, while also getting the chance to meet Landon, David and the rest of the guys. We'll hopefully have video of this for you tomorrow.Also in attendance was one of the funniest writers around, Peter Mehlman. Formerly of the Washington Post, Mehlman worked with Howard Cosell before moving to television as a writer for Seinfeld and penning many of the hit show's most famous episodes.

After doing some work during the NBA Playoffs in 2008 (as seen in this clip, complete with David cameo), Mehlman is working on a new project, one that we'll have more information about in the coming weeks, that had him discussing the world of soccer with Landon. We can't give away any of the details, but suffice to say we're positive that you guys are going to be laughing.

Finally, everyone here was very happy to hear the news from North Korea that American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee were pardoned and are now heading back to the United States. Bruce, Landon, David and the entire Galaxy family joined the cause to bring the two journalists back from North Korea by meeting with Laura's family prior to the friendly against Barcelona.

To read more about this breaking story, click here or visit the official website that was set up for Laura and Euna.


Anonymous said...

god forbid you tell us if Alecko, Edson or Donovan R practiced.

That might be useful.

Leavara said...

Um, well...I like this, and thank you for posting it! I think it's awesome that the guys got involved with Laura's family...I'm quite pleased to know it, and it shows a lot of character.

The person above me needs a hug or something. I'm sure there will be plenty of SOCCER ONLY ALL THE TIME news very soon, Mr. Grumpy Anonymous.

the fan said...

Yeah..please tell us update about the TEAM - the players, their practices etc.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to read about politicial stuff or David Beckham everwhere on this blog. (they have their own internet and media presence to do that)

I want to get informed on the TEAM, all of it's players (not just the 2 star ones), some of organisations future plans regarding community involement, scouting, youth setup and the likes.

the fan said...

While the team's activities off the field are really, really exciting to be heard, seen and followed on (and I'm happy about them)..when there are reports about the team's practices or anything ON the field stuff, I would like to know all of the players' progress, including the injured ones and the reserves.

But I really, really thank you very much informing us about the team's activities i.e. football and non-football ones..keep them coming, I really appreciate it!

But when it comes to training day, I hope the reports will be more thorough and precise..and yeah..full of pictures, videos and so on. Hehe..

Thank you very much blogger for all of your efforts - on and off the field!!!

Nicole said...

Yeah, despite the complainers...please don't stop giving the off the field info. Just make sure and add the on the field info too. And I'm sure you will.

Anonymous said...

To the first commenter, useful for who?

Are you Steve Nicol, are you picking the team?

I'm as big a fan as any of you and I want as much information as possible, but isn't there something to be said for not showing your hand to your opponent a week before the game?

I'm sure Bruce knows what he needs to know and that should be enough.

And if you are Nicol - what's your lineup going to be?

Anonymous said...

Please keep up with posts like this, and ignore the grouchy bitter people.