Monday, August 24, 2009

The Narrow World of Sports

A few weeks ago, we told you about famed writer Peter Mehlman coming out to a Galaxy training session to catch up with Landon Donovan.

We were skint with the details at that time but now we are ready to give you more.

Mehlman, has partnered with Google, Youtube and Berman Braun productions to create Peter Mehlman's Narrow World of Sports. In the show, Mehlman meets with athletes from across the United States including Kobe Bryant, Tony Hawk, Kevin Youkilis, Danica Patrick and many more, to discuss some of the finer points of their chosen sports and give viewers a peek inside the mind of their favorite athletes.

Click here to see all of the past episodes (new ones premier every Sunday night) and be sure to check out Landon's episode below. As you'll see, Landon discusses everything that goes into being the best soccer player in the United States and the responsibilities that go with it, the differences between the game here and abroad and much more...albeit from a decidedly different angle.

Speaking of Landon, his goal from Wednesday night at Chicago has been nominated for the MLS Goal of the Week award. Click here to vote .


Anonymous said...

LOL that was a pretty funny interview. I loved it! Landon is so cute.

Nicole said...

Funny stuff. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Come on all you bloggers. Get the vote out for Landon for goal of the week! His was the only one that showed speed and total control of the ball from a distance. All are good candidates, but Landon's was the best!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lame, boring, unfunny and stupid.

So Nicole, you hide in these dark corners now. Gotta come out and spar with Meg again. I'm tired of being you.

MEG said...

Anonymous, you are not me are you? Maybe, Nicole? Maybe, a blog admin totally bored with this baord? Whoever, you are I totally agree. This whole blog thing is so boring and what's with this delay for posting, somebody might say something unkind about the "best player America has ever produced"? Not my opinion by the way, far from it, just quoting.
Oh and N how hot did Becks look in the rain on Sat?