Monday, November 19, 2007

Welcome to The LA Galaxy!

Welcome to The LA Galaxy, the official blog of your LA Galaxy.

Think of this as the place to expand your Galaxy horizons and a place that’s a little off the beaten track. You’ll be able to find an eclectic mix of news, commentary and musings from our fans, players, coaches and others. It’s all here for you to digest, consider and react to.

There are no right answers and everyone has a voice. So whisper, shout, praise, condemn, exalt, suggest, refute or simply wrap yourself in the warmth that is the official LA Galaxy blog, it's really up to you.




Anonymous said...

Thanks Alexi, this looks great.

714to617 said...

Why is there no information on the Galaxy youth squads on Other clubs with youth development programs have links on their homepages..

Carles said...

I'm PUMPED about this blog

Matt L said...

Good luck. I read that you had a hand in the FC Dallas you know what it takes to make this format interesting and meaningful to fan and non-fan readers.

Matt L

Matt L said...

I was referring to Justin Pearson.

Matt L

Anonymous said...


Im Joey im From Holland
Im a Fan Of the Mls But ist
Not Fun that we cant see it on TV in holland But GALAXY Ruulzz

Greets Joey