Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Early Morning Bus Ride

The sun is not up yet but the Galaxy are as the players and staff boarded the coach for the voyage to the airport.

Raul and Jose took the bags over early and Martha Romero is there as well handling the boarding passes so that everything can go quickly and smoothly.

The players bus left the Star City Casino at 5am with most guys getting on the bus and going to sleep straight away.

A few hours from now we will be in New Zealand and from what we've been told, there is quite the welcome in store for us.


Tiana said...

hi la galaxy,
im from Brisbane Australia and was hoping you would come to Brisbane.
my dream is to meet David Beckham, but i know that is impossible unless a miracle happened.
anyway enjoy NewZealand, unlucky game on Tuesday but good luck for the future.

robb.watson said...

Was awesome to see the Galaxy's arrival here in Wellington. Alexi Lalas impressed me, he seems like a class bloke. Tried to get my Galaxy top signed but only Beckham seemed to be giving out signatures and I only just missed out - ah well, thats life. Also got interviewed by someone working for the Galaxy - I ended up stuttering and stammering out of nervousness haha.

Anonymous said...

how is pavon still playing if he was released by the galaxy?