Monday, November 26, 2007

On a Walkabout

The whole squad had the chance to see a bit of Sydney today as they walked around Darling Harbour during our pregame walk. Used as an opportunity to get everyone moving and stretching their legs, the walk took us out of the hotel and along the short walk over the the scenic waterfront where there's a big collection of shops, cafes and restaurants and was also the home of the "Seven Strangers" on the most recent season of MTV's The Real World.

We couldn't believe the reception that we got as we walked around, with fans cheering us, taking pictures and collecting autographs. David was the main attraction but the cheers rung out for everyone, including two very vocal Chris Albright supporters who were enjoying their lunch nearby. We think that Chris offered to buy their lunch if they cheered for him but at this time those rumors are still unsubstantiated.

Back to the hotel now for a quick bite to eat as we being getting down to business ahead of tonight's game. The boys are focused and looking for a win, a win which will make tomorrow's off day all that more enjoyable.

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Stacy said...

I love the updates! This blog is by far the most entertaining thing I have to keep me procrastinating. Who needs graduate school?

Although, when I fail all my finals and turn in crap papers, I'm turning you in.