Saturday, September 25, 2010

Postgame Reaction to New York Defeat

Here is what Sean Franklin had to say on the field after the game...
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And here is more from both locker rooms

LA Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena
On the result:
“We didn’t deserve to win the game tonight. They outplayed us in the first half. No question about that. Their midfield dominated us.”

On the play of his team:
“The first half was very disappointing. We put no pressure on the ball and gave them too much time. Our team shape was poor. That’s all on me. Our effort was not what it needed to be and that’s on our players. I’m very disappointed in the way our guys came out and played in the first 45 minutes. I thought the second half was better.”

On the play of the center backs:
“They are young. One of those players was playing in the [USSF Division 2 Pro League] a couple weeks ago. It’s not surprising there is a mistake or two, obviously, and there was. Those were the options that we had.”

On playing David Beckham for 90 minutes:
“I would have preferred that he played less than 90 minutes tonight. Obviously, the change we had to make at halftime and the Kovalenko injury hurt us. He felt he could play 90 minutes. In a perfect world, he would not have played that long. He showed tremendous character and quality in the last 20 minutes when by all rights, he should have been off the field.”

On the play of Yohance Marshall:
“For the most part it was solid. He is an inexperienced player. I think it is his second MLS game. Our organization in the back in the first half wasn’t good enough, and obviously, a mistake on the penalty kick. For us to expect that those guys would come in a not make any mistakes, we would have to be kidding ourselves. I think for the most part, he has played well in these two games. We have to be realistic. We had to put those guys in some tough spots. It’s all part of it, injuries happen. He played well for the most part.”

On the play of New York’s players:
“I think Tchani played well in the first half. For some reason, we didn’t do a good job getting around him. I thought he was a key player in the first half for them. I thought Lindpere had a very good game, as well. They played better than us over 90 minutes, but especially in the first half. The last 20 minutes of the fist half, they were pretty good.”

On his team’s play over 90 minutes:
“I think that in the first half, we did a really poor job with our shape. Over the last 20 minutes, we just gave them too much time over the ball. The second half, we changed that around and had the game more on our terms. The second goal put us in a really difficult position to try to get a result out of the game. Their center backs played well. I thought Ream just cut off every cross we sent in. Maybe it had something to do with the quality of our service, but he seemed to be in the right spot all night dealing with our crosses.”

Los Angeles Galaxy Forward Landon Donovan
On the play of Mehdi Ballouchy:
“He did well tonight. He is a guy who has always showed flashes during his time in Colorado but wasn’t all that efficient. He seems like he is fitting in well with New York and he had a good game tonight.”

On the play of the Red Bulls:
“They are a good team there is no question and they are missing arguably their best player. They are going to be a tough team come playoff time and if we face them again we have to be a lot better.”

On New York missing Henry:
“We played a little different but we actually didn’t play to use that as an advantage. We were too deep the whole night. We allowed too much space in the midfield. We probably should have played a little bit higher and put them under more pressure.”

On the team’s performance in the first half:
“We were all over the place. Once they broke us down a few times, we missed a few tackles and they got through. It was kind of disheartening and it seemed like it broke our sprit a little bit.”

On the Galaxy back line:
“We have a center back pairing that has played a combined [12] games for us. That is going to hurt you. To some extent they did okay but they made two mistakes and it led to two goals. That is how you learn. They are still good players but they are going to get better.”

Los Angeles Galaxy Forward Edson Buddle
On tonight’s game:
“Overall they did a good job getting a goal first. They did a good job holding on to the lead. We were dangerous some times but we didn’t test [Bouna] Coundoul as much. Technically we should have been sharper in the final third.”

Los Angeles Galaxy Midfielder David Beckham
On playing ninety minutes:
“I discussed with Bruce [Arena] during the week that I could play 65 -70 [minutes]. I felt pretty good. There were some stages where I felt tired and I felt my lungs a little bit. We had a few players pull up due to injuries so I had to stay on in the end but it was good to get 90.”

On the team’s struggles offensively:
“Usually the first half sets the tone for the game. The first half wasn’t good for us. We didn’t start well and we didn’t pressure well. They kept the ball and we didn’t press them. When you start games like that it is tough going on from that.”

On the loss:
“We are disappointed with the loss. We don’t want to lose any games here. We were disappointed with our first half performance more than anything. In the second half we came out fighting a little bit more but first half was how we lost the game.”

On the young back four:
“We know the back four could play. It doesn’t matter how young they are or how inexperienced they are. They are good players. There just a few mistakes tonight. In the first half we didn’t play like we should play especially when we are at home. We should be in control of the game when we are at home and we weren’t.”

On the hype surrounding the game:
“Obviously there was a bit more hype and buzz around this game because it was New York and the rivalry. With the players that they brought, [Rafa] Marquez and Thierry [Henry], who did not play tonight, there was more hype around the game and a full stadium. There was a certain buzz around leading up to it but once you start the game it like any other game.”

LA Galaxy Midfielder Dema Kovalenko
On a tough battle in the midfield:
“It was not a tough battle, they outplayed us. They controlled the ball and we couldn’t get to the ball. We just didn’t adjust, I guess. They had too much room, too much space and that’s where the game is won, in the midfield. It was a bit frustrating. It’s communication. We lose as a team and win as a team. We don’t want to point any fingers. We didn’t do well, they were the better team. The effort was not there, it was just like we didn’t want to be there. The second half was better, we came out and we put pressure and they couldn’t really do anything but then they scored another goal. We couldn’t adjust to the way they played and that was the difference.”

On the differences between the two games against New York this season:
“I think they were the same. In New York, we came out and took the game to them. We put pressure on the ball and didn’t let them do anything like they did today and that was the difference. We made a mistake on a goal and it’s tough but this happens. We didn’t respond well enough after that goal and we didn’t play well. We’re going to watch the tape on Monday and correct our mistakes. This is a good lesson for us and it can’t happen again.”

New York Red Bulls Head Coach Hans Backe
On the result:
“It is a massive on the road win for us, of course. We deserved this victory I would say. The first half, after the first three or four minutes, we controlled the game. Our buildup was excellent, the passing game, the possession. LA had huge problems to defend against [Rafa] Marquez, Carlos Mendes, and Tim Ream when we would build up from the back four with three players and push the full backs. In the second half, they got some chances, but I would say it was one of the best performances so far from this team.”

On the play of Mehdi Ballouchy:
“Man of the match. Absolutely outstanding. I’m surprised that he is that good. He is all over the pitch. His passing game, he is so composed on the ball, wants the ball all of the time, gets our game going, set up strikers and wide players. He was definitely the man of the match.”

On the play of Rafael Marquez:
“It was good. We decided at halftime to play him maximum 65 minutes because he has been fatigued and he is still fatigued and we didn’t want to take any risks with picking up a stupid injury at this stage in the season. He was the guy at the beginning of the first half that started our buildup. He is so precise in the passing game.”

On the result:
“I think the last five or six weeks we have looked very consistent and strong, defending very well. Everyone has been ready to do the dirty work in these games, even the strikers. So I’m not really that surprised. I’m surprised of course to win away against the best team in MLS. When everything works like it did today, the shape and the right attitude, you can win games like this.”

On pressuring the Galaxy’s young center backs:
“When we had the team talk, we said we have to try to press the center backs, make it hard for them as much as possible. We didn’t drop to defend. We closed down every goal kick. Ballouchy and Angel tried to press them as much as possible.”

Red Bulls Forward Juan Pablo Angel
On the result:
“I think we kept possession very well during the game and I think we won the battle in the midfield and that was probably the difference between the two teams. Also, there were two teams with different necessities. They are already qualified for the playoffs and we needed to win a game in order for us to make it. I think it was a great game, a great win and now we can look forward to the playoffs.”

On the rivalry between the east and west:
“I think it phenomenal for the league, it is important for the business in general and I think it was a very entertaining game.”

New York Red Bulls Midfielder Dane Richards
On his goal:
“It was just being in the right place at the right time. Joel [Lindpere] took the shot and it came off the post. Coach always tells me to follow up on rebounds. I was in the box at the right place at the right time.”


Anonymous said...

So disappointed in the game. Buddle had no hustle, he didn't look like he cared, and our defense was sad. I understand the lack of consistancy in the back line but at this level we should have done a better job. The fans deserved better than that. I still love you guys though.

Anonymous said...

Beckham was awesome last night. He seemed to be the only one out there who wanted a win. The rest of the team seemed to take the night off.

Anonymous said...

Once, again The Galaxy are having to come back from being down goals. It seems like most of the time that they have to try to fight their way back into the Matches from the beginning of the games. Beckham played good, but I think he needs to miz up his game a bit instead of doing his long passes every time. The teams effort wasn't really there in most of the first half. Their defence needs to be tighten up. I think that Bruce needs to get & impress upon them more the need for effort, focus & to do their induvidual & collective team parts / positions better. The Galaxy have not played very well in the last 6 to 8 weeks. If they don't get much better they will be out of the playoffs real fast.

charlesj27 said...

YES, the fans did deserve better; it was a tremendous opportunity for LAG to win some more fans and get more people comign to LAG games; but, we once again folded under pressure. Honestly, I truly believe that Buddle is so tired. You cannot reallistically expect our most capable forward to play in that many games as starter with that many minutes, and not suffer residual effects. I really think Bruce & Dave are way, way too soft on Landon; he wears the #10; LAG front office should be laying down in thunderous, resounding earthshaking tone - "You are a DP; wearing the #10; get it absolutely & powerfully right on the field time and time again - or step out for someone who can!!!"
David with his injury and his limited amount of games/minutes - performed so, so admirably for LAG yesterday night! Thanks so much for the vision and the effort; alas, we still do not have players that can think at the same forward moving steps as he does; why? because Bruce has this team so wrapped up on defense, defense, defense - which is true adn essential - but, how the heck is anyone going to score? From where? Yesterday, you had several LAG players actually taking 3-5 seconds to shoot!!! What? What kind of idiocy is that? Taking 4-5 touches to shoot? No way!
All the while Micheal Stephens, AJ, Bryan are all riding and warming the benches. Yesterday was the correct outcome if this is going to continue to be Bruce and David's approach to games in the FINAL STRETCH!!! We will lose all hold of top of the league very fast... and, that would be devastating!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Charles, The Galaxy need to shoot more often & faster. When ya have the space & time. Do it! ~ Shoot, u can get a deflection, a rebound, a header off a rebound, a fluke goal. So, shoot more & faster when the opportunities avail themselves! & I think that they need Greg B. back on defense!