Friday, September 24, 2010

Galaxy vs. Red Bulls in the Press

Tonight's game against the New York Red Bulls at The Home Depot Center has been dubbed the Game of the Season by many and there is no shortage of game previews, player match-ups and team profiles to help you get ready for the game.

There has been plenty written about this game or said about it, so this is your spot to get it all in one full serving, of course starting with the latest episode of This Week Inside the Galaxy.

A match-up of MLS stars, tonight's game could be a preview of MLS Cup in Toronto. For a game preview, click here. Mark Rogondino thinks that this could be just that in his latest View from the Booth.

If you are looking for a positional breakdown and which Galaxy players will give the team the edge over the Red Bulls, click here to see the latest for tonight's game.

How will the Galaxy clamp down on Red Bulls star Rafa Marquez? Click here to find out.

While tonight's game is this season's best, it might also be a glimpse into the future of MLS.

MLS also has you covered with video about tonight's game. Check it out in The Daily EXTRA.Get Microsoft Silverlight

If that's not enough for you, see what Bruce Arena and a few Galaxy players have to say about the top match-ups for tonight's game.Get Microsoft Silverlight

And here is more from Bruce and New York head coach Hans Backe.Get Microsoft Silverlight

If you missed David Beckham on ESPN's Sportscenter from Los Angeles last night, check out what he had to say about the Galaxy right here.

The game of the season will be played before a sell-out crowd and airs live on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. Hope to see you all tonight at The HDC.

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charlesj27 said...

This game was so, so hyped by both clubs... but, more so by MLS. Was it an entertaining game? YEP, no doubt! Was it a show between two powerhouses? Heck NO! No way! Uh Uh!!! Red Bulls clearly had much more tactical and playing class than LAG had! So disappointing! Realize this is NYRB without Henry playing! LAG have only theirselves to blame for not stocking up up on the right combination of players when they needed to in late July - so shame on them!!! What a joke and a slap to LA Fans who could have had a chance to get convinced and converted to LAG game attendees. This is NOT a knock on the LAG players' efforts or hard work.