Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Todd and Troy Share Their Thoughts on the World Cup

Before our focus fully shifts to tonight's Open Cup game between St. Louis and Minnesota, two final U.S.-Slovenia notes with a hometown touch to pass along to all Galaxy fans out there.

Be sure to check out the latest from Todd Dunivant in partnership with Flo TV over at Goal.com.
Additionally, lagalaxy.com's Troy Bardy checked in with his latest from South Africa where he was able to take some time off from his work with Yahoo! to take in Friday's dramatic U.S. game against Slovenia. Here's what he had to say...

Before leaving for South Africa, the one game I wanted to see above any other was the U.S.A. vs. Slovenia match at Ellis Park. Simply for the fact of what this stadium meant to the people of South Africa.

I’m guessing that most fans who made the journey over here watched the movie Invictus ahead of time, to get an understanding of what this country was all about. I know that I did.

Once I saw the U.S. were to play at this historic stadium, I knew making it to this game would be something I would remember forever. I secured a ticket a few days before the game, assuring that win lose or draw, I would be there to cheer on the U.S. Add to that the fact that it was my first chance to see my home country play in the World Cup in person; I knew that this was going to be a special experience.

My second level seat could not have been better as it was at the same end of the field that, after surrendering two first half goals, the U.S. mounted one of the most memorable comebacks in our nation’s soccer history.
The first 45 minutes was a humbling experience. Going down 2-0, I couldn’t help but think that the last four years of their hard work could all be washed away in this one game. But to witness Landon lead the charge after the break with his brilliant goal, was something I’m not sure I can put into words. Once he scored, I knew this team had result left in them. Once they got the equalizer, you could feel that they were not content to simply take a point, but instead wanted to claim all three. Unfortunately, as you’re all well aware by this point, the referee snatched the full three points away from the guys and they had to settle for a draw.

But while Koman Coulibaly was able to steal the points from our team, he will never be able to take away the feeling I had being there in person when Bob Bradley’s men made all of us so proud to wear the red, white and blue.

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