Friday, June 18, 2010

Birchall and Ricketts Return to Training; Dema Closing in On Return

Donovan Ricketts and Chris Birchall were each back in training with the Galaxy on Thursday after being given two extra days off during the club's World Cup break. Ricketts returned to Jamaica while Birchall flew back to England to spend their time off with their respective families. Larry Morgan caught up with each after training yesterday do talk about their first day back in with the club.
Morgan also chatted briefly with Dema Kovalenko (pictured in the white vest above) about his ongoing battle to get back on the field. Dema was back on the field taking part in training this week for the first time since a hamstring injury forced him out during warmups against Houston.

Be sure to read the complete article, which has these stories and more, right here.


charlesj27 said...

Thanks guys for the training updates. You know what we want... what we crave for... YEP! Galaxy RAW and TWIG Video features! Need 'em! Finally, some news about Dema... where was he all this time? I hope all of our players are recovering and regenerating themselves on target and are hungry inside to play season games inside. I hope the coaches are making the training sessions more demanding - especially on fast passing, quick touches, several touch sequences to completion that correctly moves the ball and hence the backline to push and compress. More than anything, I hope Sean, AJ, Leonardo, Omar, Alex, Juninho, Bryan, and Tristan are all working on communicating, running on, running off, timing, and positioning. These things will help our youngsters become more sure of thier roles on field during games as the game stretches on.
I just really hope the USA players and the coaches and trainers know what they're doing and how they're planning to get out of this group and advance... because, they are playing sloppy / disjointed / and always reactive and trying to make up time and ground... these traits will hurt them dearly later on - they have got their tactics, formation, passing (especially passing adn running) together... All of them have experience - but. they're playing as a unit... I don't see the quality and workmanship.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I miss Dema. He is amazing.