Thursday, November 4, 2010

Listening In

With the buzz around Sunday's game growing, Landon, Sean and Omar popped up on a number of different shows to talk about the game, the series against Seattle and the season so far.

Landon joined the Loose Cannons this afternoon at the start of their third hour today on AM 570. Is this the first edition of the soon to be famous MLS Report? Take a listen (he's the first guest and is on for about nine minutes) and find out.

Sean was one of six postseason performers to join Jason, Greg, Nick and Simon of ExtraTime Radio at Sean (who joins the program 58 minutes in) talked about making The HDC a fortress ahead of what he hopes is the first of two home playoff games and also handed out some stick to Simon Borg over his "questionable" 3-0 prediction in favor of the Sounders after the opening leg.

Earlier in the morning, Omar joined Steven and Kenny at World Football Daily to discuss his nomination for the Defender of the Year award, his international future and his hopes for Sunday against the Sounders.

Finally, for those of you that were watching the game in Seattle on Sunday (and we would guess that it was more than a few of you) you may have missed this interview with Landon Donovan on KNBC's The Challenge. Take a look...

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