Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Final Look at the 1-0 Playoff Win in Seattle

With the team having the day off today, this is the perfect time to look back one last time at the playoff opening win in Seattle on Sunday night before turning the page to this weekend's second and final game of the series.

Look back at all the highlights from the game below and hear what a number of the guys had to say in the locker room after the game.Get Microsoft Silverlight

Additionally, enjoy this exclusive interview with the game's lone goalscorer, Edson Buddle, from the locker room shortly after the game ended.Get Microsoft Silverlight


charlesj27 said...

Thanks so much to the hard workers of this team - and, it over-joys me to say this - which is practically everyone on this team! Thanks for putting in that kind of hard, true-workman like performance against a team that looked to break us - but, through attentiveness, resolve, perserverance, and LUCK only managed to bend us.
This was so critical for us as a team to be able to know - each and everyone of the players to know that LA Galaxy deserves to be in the post-season for sure; and, can make it through post-season with preparedness, preparedness, preparedness!
Landon, David, Edson, Juninho, Dema - these guys had to be so on-top of their games. Believe me, if we know Sigi - he is for sure not going to let us off the hook or take the next game lightly... LA Galaxy players need to be so prepared and strong mentally - to be tuned in and focused and ready to sweat it all out again and again! Marking, Posession, Switch-Offs, Quick passing, Creating Quickly and maintaining advantage! ALl of these things are critical from this point on. Thank you Sir Don Ricketts! Thank You for saving us again!
Rest up, Get the Rejuvenation in... but, spend a LOT of time with preparing on tactics, and quick passing and manuevers... I know LA Galaxy players can come through! I know it!

Anonymous said...

Troy has been doing a really good job! Keep it up:)

Anonymous said...

Well said Charles! ~ Excute, Passion, Focus, Prepardness AND Please take advantage of those good oportunities that u all get. B/c they can be few & far between. STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE when the oportunites avail themselves with good space & time. That is also very important. Good Luck LAG! ~ We will all be watching! ~ I know that u can do it too!