Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup Draw Viewing Party Recap

The set was stage for dissapointment. According to most soccer experts, this morning's World Cup Draw was supposed to see the U.S. Men's National Team placed into the dreaded "Group of Death".

From possible nightmare to dream scenario.

U.S. and LA Galaxy fans, gathered at the ESPN Zone at L.A. Live to view the World Cup draw unfold live, jumped up in joy when the U.S. was placed in the same group with England. MLS vs. EPL?

Things only got better from there as Algeria and Slovenia were also placed into the same group as the U.S., Group C.

Unless they were Brazil or Germany fans, those in attendance likely left the Zone feeling good. And why not? They got a free breakfest and the luck of the draw. (Take a peek at the photo below of U.S. fans with Zakumi, South Africa's official mascot for the games. They seem to be in celebration-mode, right?)

Even though he was in New York, Landon Donovan chimed with his opinions about the draw. He quickly squashed any talk of a rivalry game between him and David Beckham.

"We've moved past the things we had problmes with," said the Galaxy captain and MLS MVP. "Now it will just be fun. The banter will be good."

Watch the full video, courtesy of, below. Enjoy!


brian decker said...

Great draw! Donovan & Rooney are my faves. Galaxy teammates now foes, few US players in the EPL, Englishman in the MLS---and England usually starts slow so getting them off the bat is great. I'm really, really excited about our chances. I want Germany in round 2!

MEG said...

Donovan and Rooney? Ugh!!!! England all the way.

Unknown said...

...Proud American you are Meg...

MEG said...

Rooney is American? What has America got do with it? I am English so I support England. Is that odd? If I was American I would probably suffer and support America but I am not so I am lucky and I don't have to.