Thursday, December 3, 2009

Behind the Scenes at MLS Cup

All of you who follow this blog are familiar with the work that Troy Bardy does for This Week Inside the Galaxy. But during MLS Cup, he joined forces with a number of other top videographers from around the league to document every last second of the action both on and off the field.

The end result of all their work can be seen below. Hope you enjoy...minus the ending of course.


Brian Decker said...

It was a great season---last minute hurts to watch. ;) I'm proud of our club and am looking forward to next season. Hope the guys get a good deal in the CBA negotiations---these players deserve it and work tirelessly to promote our league.

Anonymous said...

Echo the above sentiments, but boy was that an ugly miss by Landon or what?


THE Anon

PS - I want a copy of the team picture in the suites. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

They look so gorgeous in their suits!!
I didnt even watch the last minute.

MEG said...

Player of the year MVP or whatever it was. Worst PK of the year. He can add that to his plastic collection. I am sure he sleeps with them.