Saturday, December 1, 2007

Postgame Redux

The game is over and the squad is happy with the 4-1 win over Wellington. Alexi gave a quick speech on the bus on the way back to the hotel to thank Cobi who has played his last game for the Galaxy... for real this time.

After Alexi's words and a round of applause from his teammates, Cobi said a few words as well, thanking everyone for their work and saying how bright the future looks.

Everyone finsihed off a quick postgame meal before putting on the suits for what promises to be a great night on the town.

The game story will be up on shortly so enjoy that. and we'll be back with more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

love the blog. will there be off season updates? are the boys doing anything interesting with their time off? share fun stories with the fans. :)

Steve Raymond said...

awesome! thanks so much for blogging all of this detailed stuff! we all appreciate it! pix from the gals on the town please!

\SR (studio city)

galaxyfutbol99 said...

good to see the team have a positive outlook, lets hope text season we can bring the cup back to LA!

robb.watson said...

Great work Galaxy, the better team won on the day. Been awesome having you all in Wellington, and you are welcome back any day. Hopefully I'll repay the favour some day, I hope to spend a match with the LA Riot Squad someday!

Michael Treston said...

great to have you guys in our country, it was a good game - Beks may have not been a 100% but Donovan was magic. You guys have a great team, with some real nice guys as part of your squad - chatted a few times with Chris Albright and Peter Vagenas - real top blokes, down to earth and very polite. Real good role models - shame Abel didn't make it though