Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Back Stateside

Following yesterday's day off, The LA Galaxy is back today, re-adjusting to life at home and in the office. Kevin Harmse and Carlos Pavon stopped by The Home Depot Center to say hello to a few folks over here as did another familiar face who we did not recognize at first glance.

Fresh off a training session with the U.S. Under-23 National Team, and fully decked out in National Team gear, Mike Randolph was catching up with a few front office members. Pavon commented on how good Mike looked is his new gear and Randolph responded by letting Pavon know that the U.S. will be gunning for Honduras at the CONCACAF qualifiers in March.

We'll have a Q+A with Mike in the next couple of days so let us know if there are any questions that you have for the Galaxy left back, either about his breakthrough season this year or his time with the National Team, and we will pose them to Mike.


Cannon Girl said...

Proud of you guys (as always). Hope you had a blast on this trip
but glad you're back home. Now where is and how is my Joe? Not only is he the most talented player in all of MLS, he's F-I-N-E!
And he's got the best sense of humor. Need more photos of him. Joe Cannon is just the greatest!!

charlesj27 said...

Now that the 2007 season's officially done for our LA Galaxy - which had included MLS games + friendlies and competitions... the time has come to seriously re-build, train, teach, and test the LA Galaxy players into a strong, fast, practiced, tactful, and WINNING soccer team & soccer club. Head Coach Gullit, Asst. Coach Jones, Director Bravo, plus trainers are now required to seriously, carefully, and decisively form, shape, teach, drill, and test our LA Galaxy players into 2008 & through 2009. Time cannot be wasted - and, the accountability for performance & results are to be a 100% Real. The LA Galaxy fans - around the world - are asking... are needing the Coaches, Trainers, and Director to do all what is needed to get the LA Galaxy into a powerful, winning side again.

Please realize that the rest of the MLS teams, especially the more stable & solid MLS teams, are expecting and demanding the same level of skill, professionalism, talent, and speed as they head into the new 2008 & 2009 seasons. Our LA Galaxy must be more than ready & able to meet these other teams "head-on" and excel.

Love the game... PLAY HARD!

George said...

So, what's the story with Pavon. I read he was waived from the team and he's no longer on the roster. So, is he leaving or what?

cannon is great said...

I agree with what Cannon girl said. She is speaking the full truth. I love Joe Cannon and there is not enough of him on here. He is too gorgeous to be not shown on this website. He is also one of the nicest players I have met. So freakin sweet.

Gabe said...

What are Randolph's first impresions of Gullit? Is he enjoying playing for him so far, and how does he think it will be different than having Yallop as coach?


Luscious said...

I would like to know what was his most memorable moment last season.

cannon girl said...

Charles must've have missed SuperLiga this year. Our Galaxy played extremely hard. No one, on any team, played harder than Joe, and no one, on any team, tried harder than David. They almost made the MLS playoffs. What w/ injuries, a heavy schedule between
the 2 leagues, and the media blitz,
they still played w/ class & heart.
Win or lose, gotta luv our Galaxy.

Anonymous said...

question for mike, how is he coping with wearing our nations jersey and being part of our national team?

Justin said...

Where is Sessay? He was on the under 17 team, why is he not getting the invite for the next level? Hope you guys whoop some but in the games!!