Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Hour to Kickoff

Just a reminder to everyone out there surfing the web that FSC will be airing the Galaxy's game against Sydney FC in front of more than 80,000 at Telstra Stadium at 8 p.m. tonight. Watch Becks' freekick, Buddle's fine finish and Landon's late tally as the Galaxy and Sydney put on a show that few will ever forget.

After the game, head over to this site and let us know what you think after seeing the match in its entirety for the first time.


Anonymous said...

"let us know what you think"?


you don't publish many of the comments anyway!

charlesj27 said...

Again, it was wonderful to see our LA Galaxy play again; These next few months are going to be so very tough - not seeing our LA Galaxy play.

Getting to play international matches is always, always important for any good, growing Soccer club. International friendlies allow for great interaction with sports professionals around the globe... plus, it adds to the character and education of a club. Playing in front of 80,000 soccer fans is a great privelege, honor, and thrill. Our LA Galaxy played decent possesion-oriented soccer throughout the whole 90 minutes. The first 20 minutes - in the first half - was exceptional for the LA Galaxy. David Beckham, Josh Tudela, Clint Mathis, Edson Buddle, Chris Klein, Steve Cronin, & Landon Donovan - all played good, committed, purposeful soccer. Kevin Harmse's actions and his "bratty/child-like" thinking should not be a part of the LA Galaxy Team going forward (in my opinion)! The plays & efforts on the pitch from Carlos Pavon, Pete Vagenas, Joe Cannon, & Kyle Veris were mediocre, at best. I understand that this game was an "end-of-the-season" match-up for our LA Galaxy... but, LA Galaxy's holes & spottiness & mis-communications in the defensive line really showed in this match. In this match, the fast, quick, reactive plays from Troy Roberts, Mike Randolph, Ty Harden, and Kelly Gray were clearly missing. Veteran Chris Albright just needs another 5 - 6 matches to play with the full team to get back into exceptional playing form.

Those LA Galaxy players that get to stay and excel into 2008 & 2009 will have learned & developed so much. But, Pre-Season is the time for keeping fit, very much in shape, healing, conditioning, and perfecting passing, dribbling, and shooting into the net.

Love the game... PLAY HARD !

Anonymous said...

Next time if you can't show the game live for whatever reasons, air the rerun within 24 hours - otherwise you won't get a lot of viewers.

or show at least the highlights of the game on the clubwebsite/blog.

People don't want to see the games weeks after the originally took place.


Anonymous said...

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Galaxy. The defense wasn't that good, but I do realize some guys were playing out of position. I really liked what I saw as far as the Galaxy on offense, especially the Donovan, Beckham, Mathis combination. I also liked Ruud's halftime adjustments, especially moving Donovan up to forward and just turning him loose.

But I was extremely embarrassed by Kevin Harmse behavior. That has no business on a soccer field. Bad.

Surprised that the announcers never caught on that the Galaxy played with 9 men there towards the end. They never seemed to see that Edson Buddle had stepped off the field. So bravo to the Galaxy for a good effort and never stopping until the final whistle.

cannon girl said...

Caught the Wellington game on the TVNZ feed (thanks for the 411, whoever you are). You guys played a great game. It was really terrific to see Cobi play again, David and Clint were in fine form, and Landon's always an angel on the field. BUT ... the MVP (once again) was player #1 - Joe Cannon. He was a warrior out there, always raising the game to a higher level. The man's simply a force of nature, who I truly hope is valued by those he's employed by, for giving his all PLUS 200% this year. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but the utmost admiration for David as a player and respect for him as a human being. Win or lose, he ALWAYS plays the game, start to finish, like the true gentleman he is, and for what he's doing for soccer in this country, we should all be grateful. He's setting a stellar example of true skill and sportsmanship across the board. But Joe has been this team's rock, all season. He brought it game, after game, after game. And he played injured more than anyone else. Not so good for one's body but he was there and played brilliantly. The man deserved so much more credit and respect than he received this year. There aren't many players around like Joe, and when his kind retires or moves on to something new, there's usually a huge hole that's almost impossible to fill where they used to be. So for as long as we're blessed to have men like Joe in this game, let's show them love and support. Then maybe (like Cobi) they'll WANT to stay with the same team for the duration of their careers, or WANT to stay with the league, in some capacity after they retire. I'm not saying Joe's perfect, but I do believe he's the closest thing this sport has to it.
And please people, check out the Wellington match online soon if you can. Our Galaxy men did not disappoint. And to you Joe, what can I say? You were fierce (and you SO rocked that red jersey). Oh, like I wasn't going to go there again about your looks. And if there's any truth at all to any of the buzz about DC, all I have to say is, we love you just as much here on the East coast, and would welcome you with open arms. You're a good man Joe. We'd be lucky AND proud to have you here.

abeloneill said...

Kevin Harmes has no place on the 2008 LA Galaxy!
What an embarrassment!

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't related.. but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't bring Carlos Ruiz back.

Anonymous said...

TRADING JOE CANNON??????!!!! wow. what a horrible mistake that would be. did anyone involved in this trade discussion actually pay attention to the season or the final game in Chicago? and if so are you blind?! so much for supporting the team this season. geez. what a mess. i think i'll go peel the bumper sticker off my car and forget ordering season tickets. what depressing news. Joe they don't deserve you. boooo Galaxy...bad call.

Adam said...

Cannon had the worst game of his short G's career in Sydney. Out of position often, and totaly mishandled a shot right at him. He has been a rock for us in the past, but man, what a way to impress the new coach. Its no wonder Ruud has put him on the trading block. Yes, our defense looked like swiss cheese with all the holes, but we knew that was a problem. Cannon Girl, give it a break. haha
I am a big Cannon fan, and will miss him if he does go. But if there is one position the US has an abundace of its young keepers. If our scouts do their job, we can get the next Guzan for 1/4 the price of Cannon. And NO, Cronin is not an option! He's been on the bench for a reason - he cant win a starting job.

cannon girl said...

Question for you Adam ... if Joe isn't down at the restaurant, criticizing your ability to serve fries, is it really fair for you to be online criticizing his
goalkeeping? Now why don't you just sit back, relax, and watch the Wellington match. Red may not be YOUR color, but like I said previously, Joe rocked that jersey. Talented AND fine ... some of us have it, some of us don't. Oh and if, as you pointed out, Joe's performance this year was lacking in some form or fashion, perhaps it was because in ADDITION to his goalkeeping duties, he had to take up the slack for so many who were out injured. Two final questions for you Adam ... 1) Is your spellcheck working? and 2) Are you (I'm now borrowing part of a quote by someone I greatly admire) watching ANY of these matches with your good eye?

Anonymous said...