Monday, December 15, 2008

New Zealand Recap Continues

You've all seen some pictures and read a little about the open training session that we held in front of approximately 10,000 Auckland schoolchildren, but now you can get a feel for the event through the eyes of our video staff.

Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Nice... There were a LOT of kids... I guess I read 10,000; but, it really didn't register as being that many until I saw it in the video. Good for teh kids... A Bit of light fun for all of the players as well. I'm just hoping that next year at the HDC we continue to get solid turn-out of loyal LA Galaxy fans. But, right now - I am so anxious as to find out how the team is going to shape up, form, and take on next year's challenges. I sincerely hope the LA Galaxy organization (Especially Bruce, Dave, Paul, and Cobi) are having the fortune & luck they need to secure quality, experienced players. We need 'em... There's no denying it!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW..lucky them! It seemed so much fun. I wish I was there! Thank you very much for this vid! ;D

dcs10307 said...

These videos are the best thing about this blog. Great work.