Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Galaxy Pop Sightings

Ultra-cool Details and sexy-chic Latina talked about our LA Galaxy in the latest issues of their magazines. Charles Alamo and Michael Gavin were on the Price is Right earlier today as well. Did you see them?

In September Details and the designer Salvatore Ferragamo approached the club about having a few of the guys serve as the official hosts of a party that helped to launch the opening of the new Ferragamo Men's Boutique at the Beverly Center. This invitation-only soiree was held in mid-September (a few days before our 5-2 thrashing of D.C. United), with Edson, Cobi and Kleiner serving as the hosts and receiving a very nice gift from our new friends at Ferragamo.

In the pages of Latina magazine, part-time blogger, full-time cool dude Julian Valentin is featured in the latest issue, which hit newsstands late last month with the always gorgeous Eva Mendes on the cover. Check out the article, it's on Page 84. You'll see another side of Jules we guarantee you haven't seen before.

On TV, Alamo and Gavin were on The Price Is Right with Drew Carey. Participating? No. Modeling, wait for it, Galaxy gear and soccer equipment. The episode was taped on the morning of October 12, hours before the Galaxy beat Colorado 3-2 and aired today. In case you missed it, you can watch the full episode online at here (in case you don't want to watch the whole thing, skip to the 26:50 minute mark).

Here are some behind the scenes pictures from The Price is Right. We'll try to have other shots from the magazines next week.


Anonymous said...

Interesting-ly Hilarious! Thanks. I still can't stop laughing. But, I'm sure the guys had good fun with Drew. Great , now I have to go check-out these magazines at my nearest Barnes & Noble.

Anonymous said...

awww darn. I missed it on tv. I guess I have to watch it online. Michael Gavin and Charles Alamo are sexy.

Anonymous said...

"You'll see another side of Jules we guarantee you haven't seen before."

The Latina side?

Anonymous said...
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